Can’t Get No Satisfaction? Try This Life Hack

by Lauren Stewart

Do you believe that what we desire to have, do, and be is for the purpose of feeling a certain way? And that these experiences are the essence of what we call life? If this is the case we can get uber clear on how we LOVE to feel the most, and start being in our day like it IS our day, dagnamit!

Watch out, though, your life will get crazy aligned because you will become less tolerant of stuff that elicits the opposite of your core desired feelings (I dissolved a marriage that was out of sync. Just sayin).

I mean, this is not for dabblers!

So here goes, ready?

1. Write down your top valued feelings. All 39 of them. Then whittle it to the top 6-8 (ugh, I know).

2. Put on post its.

3. STICK THEM all over the place, around your room, on your computer, your dog and partners face etc.

This will pull your attention to the feeling states you want and you will find opportunities to manifest those states.

When you are conscious of how you prefer to feel, it is way less tolerable to be in situations that create the opposite.This is like an immediate life upgrade and can give increased resolve and confidence in who you are and you worthiness to have wonderful things for yourself. You deserve it of course, that is NOT up for debate.




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