How To Find Your Super Duper Power(s)

Self discovery is: very disco self. Something to consider.

Very Disco Mango

Our super powers are the things we are good at AND enjoy. I made a list and whittled and whittled (it was hundreds of pages) and finally got it down to 10 things! Then I deleted the things that just wouldn’t make a good business (doing cartwheels, sadly) or were just not appealing to me for a business (balancing on my exercise ball and nutrition, been there, all done!) the shiney super stars left were…. ready… omg I’m so excited!

CIA agent!

Psyche! Although close! It was this: (you should be sitting. (Say that 10 times fast)).IMG_3035

A – Working with strong emotion- mine and others, moving from dark to light

B – Creative Expression: song writing, singing, personal development writing, writing and illustrating children’s stories, public speaking: impromtu and scripted,  Yes, yes, I tried acting. It was my thing for awhile, then music, and dance. That is WHY I moved to New York City at age 15 and somehow lived to tell. But THAT story is for another day, depending on if Mango wants me to tell it, which leads us tidily to:

C- Adventure

I can help people work with depression or lack of motivation or self confidence by tapping into their creativity. A creative self expression coach including improv, music and public speaking. Something to do with taking on challenges, to creating more opportunities to feel good about oneself. Hmmm. We are getting there for sure. I recommend doing this exercise if you have many interests and or have no idea what you are good at. That’s where I started.

If you read this far, I really owe you a hand-made paper pom-pom. Let me know what color you want. xoxo

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4


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