Y O Y do I?

Hello! Today I am answering a question that I have been chewing on for one year to date! What is the driving force for my life? What is the reason I do anything I do? The answer should help steer me towards designing work that is aligned with that purpose.

Here we go!


A things:

I love self discovery for the purpose of waking up. I believe this sensory reality pales with how things actually are. Meditation, yoga, dance, personal development, communication stuff. I believe our inner world and our outer world share elemental qualities and in essence are not two different things. I have had very very minor and fleeting glimpses of that. The absolute worst self-curse I have made on myself was believing I could not change my life. So yeah, empowerment in the freest sense, through the mind and then dissolving (so to speak). Deep and irreversible!

B things:

I love sparkly things and cauldron’s both. Not because I am a supreme optimist or practice dark arts! But simply because they both are conduits of transformation. Get some fairy dust you can fly. Make a potion you can be mentally or physically healed… or ahh yeah whatever.


What is my Why, guys? So let’s distill that. I think it is first and foremost- to be honest – selfish. I want A things: to awaken myself. I enjoy getting to the bottom of things. I want complete freedom which is awakening in itself. Then there is nothing to be free from.  And B things: to create and live in a utopia of friendly, colorful, vibrant, kind, magical (we are talking best case scenario here), transformative, fun, creative place. You are invited.

Lets distill that even further :

Mix A: personal empowerment. with B. Creative stuff/Arts. I am here to wake myself up and share that creatively to create a harmonious and fun world.

even further :

I am here to promote awakening through seeing the lighter side of dark and visa versa and then blasting through the whole thing altogether.

further :

Transformation through humor and imagination of the impossible (like foxicorns)blog-challenge-banners-21

Did I just find my why? I’m running with this one.

courtesy to Mango the model.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2

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