Writing the Dream Out Helps Believe

img_5022Mango and I have made it to day 10! What a trip! I even blogged on my vacation. So many great outcomes.

Discovered: I am clearer on my why: awakening, self expression, play and transformation. I really like writing stuff people will read; more than I thought. I can push myself to write at late hours and stick with a deadline. I tend to put off writing till absurd hours. 30 minute posts take 3 hours.  My night writing is better than my morning writing. Ugh.

New habits: I have started a regular morning writing routine. See above ugh.

What on earth did I get from this 10 days( in a row) blog challenge: Day 2, find the why, was the most exasperating and longest session, but the most important.  Day 9 was the absolute most pleasure to write. The dream of setting up in Portugal and writing music with my cat, Mango, for a month (or 6), implanted itself as a mini-movie in my head now, complete with sense memories and emotions! It seems (more) possible.  This is the takeaway. That it is (more) possible. Writing about it made it so.  Natalie asked great clarifying questions and encouraged us to post on social media (I felt obnoxious), which made me give more to the project, knowing I had a (potential) audience.

Now what? continue to blog twice a week, minimum. Maybe redo the 10 questions to clarify more. They are very important questions for starting an online nomad business, which I intend to by the years end! Ooo I have like 6 weeks.


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